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Season 3, Episode 1: The Dudie Podcast Awards!

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The Righeous Dude is BACK! Season 3 is starting off great! I’ve already got this episode and 2 others recorded! I might actually have content for ya’ll!

I have decided to hand out my own Podcast Awards! So, The Righteous Dude’s Dudecast announces…The Dudies! I created 10 categories and selected winners for each.

The Dudies for 2012 are:

The Most Inspiring podcast is The Roundtable Podcast.

The Most Missed When It Was Cancelled – Pendant Audio’s Batman:The Ace of Detectives.

Decoder Ring Theatre’s The Red Panda Adventures is 40’s pulp super-hero greatness. It’s SO great that it gets TWO DUDIES!!!  The Red Panda Adventures gets the Dudie for The Most Enjoyable AND The World I Most Wanna Live In.

The Most Informative is Writing Excuses.

The Least Skipped podcast is The Dunesteef Audio Fiction Magazine (and it’s little brother That Gets My Goat).

The Best Bloopers come from The M.A.S.H 4077th podcast.

The Best Podcast for Mainlining is

The Host I Most Wanna Be When I Grow Up is Paul K. Bisson.

The Best Produced Podcast is Cyborgs: A Bionic Podcast!

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Written by The Righteous Dude

January 6, 2013 at 4:41 am

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