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Special Episode 1: The Rise of The Righteous Geek!

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Today, I’m not The Righteous Dude, I’m The Righteous Geek.

I went and got my geek on at the Eckman Card, Comic, and Toy Show. Dale Eckman has been hosting these things for a VERY long time (2012 is year 19) and I’ve been going for a VERY long time. The show has become so successful that he now has 4 per year. This April 14 was the second show of the year.

Go to the web page for more info (it has not been updated for 2012, yet).

There is normally a good sampling of costumes, but I only saw one. An excellent Cobra Commander met me as I was entering the building.

Yes, I did buy something while there. Got something to go with my Six Million Dollar man toys from the 70’s. No, I’m not telling you what it was. You’ll just make fun of me.

I also took the portable recording rig out and talked to 4 people that you need to know about.

Sam De La Rosa ( was an artist for Spider-Man, Venom, and several other names that you all know.

Fred Silva, Jr. ( is a colorist who is currently working with Sam, coloring the prints that Sam is selling.

Eric Matos ( has a twice-weekly webcomic. Go look. You’ll laugh. His friend, Carlos, is about to release a webcomic Crimsonblade. See some of that artwork at

Guy Nuesca ( has some pretty neat stuff for you to see, and buy!

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